Platinum Jubilee Pageant

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Expo Partners

This exhibition would not have been possible without the wonderful help of the project partners, a big thank you to the Thames Festival Trust, MPB, Team London Bridge, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers and Network Rail. Expo build by Presson.


After a year and a half of lockdown it was wonderful to see people enjoying themselves on a sunny day. This new exhibition ‘Near and Far’ celebrates this with two images, one that shows people relaxing in one of London’s most iconic spaces and the other,  taken from over three kilometres away that captures the whole scene with a view of epic content and scale.


The extraordinary perspective of the ‘Far’ view is portrayed in a style reminiscent of a 19th century print, perfect for loosing yourself for a moment at this busy London Station.




The ’Near image is packed with details from this lovely summer day

If you can’t make the real world expo drop in online for the streaming virtual experience  - go to   Recommended browser is Google Chrome (desktop only). You can also see a quick video of the virtual version here

Logo design Kevin Ambrose



'Virtual Thames- `London Bridge'

A unique game experience

by Henry Reichhold

For the 'Totally Thames' Festival

Virtual Thames - London Bridge



Photography and world creation by Henry Reichhold


Animation and programming Encho Rachev


Art from St Paul’s Girls' School

 Outreach Participation Programme organised by Melissa Bustamante

from St Paul's Girls' School.


Expo Partners

Totally Thames Festival

Team London Bridge


Virtual Thames is an easy to use web game that takes you into a virtual world based on the area that stretches between Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Virtual Thames  - London Bridge offers the opportunity to explore and enjoy this dynamic part of London online and lays the foundations for all the fun of a real world visit.


Take in Henry Reichhold’s massive exhibition spread out along the foreshore and see the artworks created by St Paul’s School for Girls

 and Encho Rachev.


The Thames is bustling with activity, so jump right in, fire HMS Belfast’s guns and take a boat trip down the river or enjoy the brightly decorated sails of the small boats as they fly by. Onshore also has a lively atmosphere, so wander up and down and take in the vibrant atmosphere while mingling with the resident AI characters.



A special thanks to St Paul's Girls School whose pioneering educational

work in creative technology is opening up new worlds to students